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Everything has its time,so does sunset..I think sunset is a gift./while people around me focused on their activities ,I just stopped to see how sky change and it’s amazing./feel so lucky to see this/I got a present 💛 -July25,2014 chnkn.


LOGO - by williamewright

ocean of light



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by Einzelkind
that's very generous of you chanyeol-sshi~

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2/ of KaiRis ruining your ships

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These are the hard decisions that we have to make in society these days. 

(TRANS) "Dancing Ballerino, Kai"

Kai dreamed of becoming a ballerino after seeing a production of <The Nutcracker> when he was ten years old. After nine years, EXO’s Kai stood on stage bearing the title ‘Best Dancer.’ Though it was not the stage of a ballerino he had always dreamed of, he was happy nonetheless. Now,…

because kai with dogs is just the most precious thing

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this is how true friendship goes. compliment each other despite the difference. together they laugh. together they pain.

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Reason to love EXO: Their handsome ’attractive’ face

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